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He's got a point. Or two. Or several.

Reacting to the news that Lucas is about to start messing with the original trilogy Star Wars yet again, theweaselking says in a comment thread here:

I have a scarier thought:

Lucas is, just as he claims, finally getting to make the movies he ALWAYS WANTED to make. . He wasn't satisfied with Star Wars - he was stuck with limits of technology and acting and budget, so even though it was resoundingly considered great, Lucas has always felt it could be BETTER if he could just get it the way he wanted it in his head. Now he's got money and Phenomenal Cosmic Power over the new ones, and he's able to make the movies he wishes the original three were.

You know, like how "Saturn Devouring His Children" would be even more awesome if Goya had been able to add an animated 3D hologram to it, and show the mad chewing-and-pooping action that you know has gotta follow that.
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