punklikeavril (punklikeavril) wrote in metaquotes,

evulskwerul has a conversation:
Me: Self, are you there?

Self: Yes, stupid, where else would I be?

M: Oh, sorry.

S: You damn well should be! And by the way, do you really think I would hang around here with your boring ass if I had something-ANYTHING- better available?!

M: Well, I never really thought about it...

S: Of course you didn't. Selfish ass.

M: Hey, I thought we were in this together?

S: What have I told you about trying to think for yourself? Idiot. Now lets go pick up random hitchhikers and scare the shit out of them.

M: But I can't drive! I don't have a lisence.

S: I've been meaning to talk to you about that too... we'll talk about it in the car.
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