Never store shuriken in your underwear (porntestpilot) wrote in metaquotes,
Never store shuriken in your underwear

From locked post with permission. Thanks Tim. You're the star of my all my dreams. <3

This is what happens when you watch E! Tim is talking about the Michael Jackson trail reenactment thing:

This isn’t a car wreck. And it’s no train wreck. It’s not even a plane crash.

No, this a plane plummeting from the sky and crashing into a passenger train, which runs off its rails and flips end over end onto an insanely busy freeway, where the railcars slam into a school bus full of developmentally delayed children, which then smacks into a limo carrying the Nobel Peace Prize winner, which veers into the bike lane and crushes a pregnant biker, whose fancy spoke-less bike flies into the air, over the railing, and smushes a little old woman pedestrian.

Who falls on her blind dog.

That’s the level of disaster we’re talking.

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