Valerie (valliegirl) wrote in metaquotes,

Under the cut, you will find a protected entry made by my dear friend terulia. I found it funny, and the irony of me posting it here makes it even more amusing for me. I assure you, I did get permission from her to post this in it's entirety.

the people in metaquotes amuse me
they are seriously being anal retentive.
"breaking the rules" consisted of the guy "metaquoting" a friends e-mail (because it was amusing)
and not someone's LJ...

so of course...because this is LJ some severe anal rapage apparently occurred.
gah, are people that bored that if someone posts something funny that they can't find it funny because it isn't on LJ.
Sometimes community rules are stupid...and quotes other people make are funny...
so I should just post stuff and tell them my LJ friend such and such said it in a locked post...
because everyone's on LJ anyway....

Seriously, would someone now like to metaquotes my ass, because my surgical recovery farts have been pretty loud. Uterus is way to sore for the amount of laughing those numb nuts caused me.

Ben comes in and says "what are you doing?"
"Posting in LJ...did I spell rapage right?"

P.S. My intention isn't to cause drama, though I'm sure a couple people won't find this nearly as amusing as I did. And we all take ourselves far too seriously anyway. :)
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