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My first Meta offering...

My friend dorei on what would happen if we decided to celebrate Passover like folks celebrate St. Patrick's Day - it's definitely of high potential offense for reasons of religion and very poor taste - you can see it here:

I've been thinking ...
Which is rather dangerous, I know.

A friend of mine was wondering why people got so upset about non-Irish celebrating St. Patty's Day. And to make a long story short, I came up with this absolutely fantabulous idea.

I think we should make Passover this national holiday. Jewish restaurants can open up their doors for giant seders to be held. Up on the walls could be little cardboard cut outs of lambs (whether before or after the sacrifice is up to you). People could wear yarmulke's with the little earlocks sewn into them so they could all look like hasidic jews, and we could have a big televised parade going down Madison Avenue in New York.

Just think of the marketing implications! Thousands of buttons and t-shirts printed up that say "Sacrifice a Lamb and Smear Blood Over My Door -- I'm Jewish!" or "It's Passover! Look Jewish or Lose Your Firstborn!"

It'd be cool.

Here's the link:
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