captainsblog (captainsblog) wrote in metaquotes,

Mock the Stupid Customers Who, well, you know....

Sorry this took so long but I couldn't decide which community deserved it. The always delightful thunderemerald, accompanied by co-worker Sam, fishing for customers at the shallow end of the gene pool the other day:

Sam: What movie are you going to see? *looks at the kid* Robots?
Woman: No, no, I hate those FAKE movies! I'd never see anything like that.
Sam: What are you seeing, then?
Woman: The Pacifier.
Me: *blink*
Sam: Oh. Yes. I heard that was a documentary.
Me: *sporfle*
Woman: Huh?
Sam: Never mind. Anyway, did you know Vin Diesel's gay?
Woman: Wait, WHAT?

It continues, oh so beautifully, here.
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