Valerie (valliegirl) wrote in metaquotes,

I need to post this entry in full, because of just how hillarious it is. It's not that long really so I'm not sure that I should cut it, but I will anyway.

This is from horosha from a public entry in his journal.

*Grins* The best part about having no sides is knowing exactly why everyone else is wrong in their bullshit, and being able to point out why. Ann Coulter believes Canada sent troops to Vietnam. Michael Moore believes we invaded Afghanistan to build a pipeline. You know what I want to see? I want to see these two people fight it out Celebrity Deathmatch style. Right now it's just like propaganda Iron Chef: WHOSE IGNORANCE SHALL REIGN SUPREME?! Yes, we need more bloodshed. I figure, if we gather all the extremists and let them duke each other out the only people left will be us moderates and maybe we'll finally get some things done around here.

Let me see... what bouts would I like to see...

Schwarzenegger v. The California Teachers Union

Chuck Jarvis v. Ed Shultz

Bush v. Webster's Dictionary

Kerry v. The God of Common Sense

Ward Churchill and Robert Novak v. A Lawnmower

Buddy's Dad v. A Big Burly Gay Man

Tom Delay v. His Conscience

Bill O'Reilly v. Mecha Bill O'Reilly

Giuliana Sgrena v. A large crushing machine

Okay. I need to stop. My obvious bias against stupid people is starting to show.
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