photons eventually break everything they touch (yaymatt) wrote in metaquotes,
photons eventually break everything they touch

Quinessential alcohol-induced Spring Break story

so we get back to the house at 2 and start drinking, and somewhere between dacia going to the store and greg & i dancing on the kitchen table i managed to get incredibly drunk. dacia and jennie got back from the store and caught up with everyone else, i don't really remember much, at least not in clear detail, but here goes: eating lean cuisine on the porch, talking nonsense with dacia, doing the screaming dog yell, talking to the drug dealer neighbors, going on the beach in the rain, and who could forget team ______ fuck yeah...for some reason, any word that i could thing of got substituted for _____, so i was saying random things like

"Team Beach, Fuck Yeah!"
"Team Cigarette, Fuck Yeah!"
"Team Spring Break, Fuck Yeah, Bitches!"

it quickly got old but we were so drunk we just kept going with it turned into a weeklong thing...

- kendalb23

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