like a hundred billion hot dogs (half_double) wrote in metaquotes,
like a hundred billion hot dogs

bohemianspirit predicts her mental state after viewing Return of the King:

'Admitting diagnosis to be: Patient exhibits extreme grief response to an imaginary event she has known about (and experienced repeatedly via the literary manner) for 30 years.

'I should've been locked up almost 30 years ago, myself.

'Patient reports repeated dreams about the Sea, sailing, and a place called the Grey Havens.

'Patient has repeatedly attempted escape from custody, insisting that she must "rescue Frodo before it's too late!"

'Patient spends hours scribbling in notebooks about ways to change the fate of a fictional character in a fictional tale in a fictional world.

'Patient insists that she is being guided by the ghost of said fictional character to set down his "true story."

'Patient admitted to higher security ward when found screaming uncontrollably and repeatedly, "How could you do that to Sam? How could you do that to Sam? How could you do that to Sam?"

'Patient insists that Frodo needs to come to terms with living in the real world.

'Prognosis: Sanity: doubtful. Literary contribution to posterity: priceless.'
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