Subtlety? Not my strong suit. (all_ephemera) wrote in metaquotes,
Subtlety? Not my strong suit.

From this chain of comments:

hellhound_zorrDon't you mean BREAKING me out of jail? You would get bail, by then they'll just hang me. I can see it now...."for crimes numerous and destructive in nature.....impersonating a cleric of Tempus, refusing to believe that your neighbors are not Uruk-Hai, listening to: Slipknot 47, Still Traumatized Because we Grew up in Iowa too loud and causing the heart attack deaths of 15 of the other old farts in the nursing home, for refusing to stop sleeping with 25 year old super models even after they die from chloroform overdose, for selling you own blood in vials as a Viagra substitute...." the list could be endless!


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