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He's a squid! He fights crime!

eruthros and sineala had a snow day. IM Hilarity ensued.

eruthros: Squid are, like, inherently funny.
sineala: Hey, they are! Squid! Heh. That's cool.
eruthros: That's why the HP Giant Squid is EXTRA funny.
eruthros: He's a GIANT. SQUID.
eruthros: Squid! Underwater life-saving squid!
sineala: Duuude. You know, that would totally be a good crime drama setup. Well, a funny one, anyway.
eruthros: *g* Word.
eruthros: That could be the theme song. "Squid! Underwater life-saving SQUIIID!"

Could this be the next breakout cop show? Read the full post for excitement, angst, dramatic inky-squirting, squidall relations, and very complicated handcuffs.
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