Amanda Sharpe (amandathegreat) wrote in metaquotes,
Amanda Sharpe

Before I found pro_scurvy, I thought I was the only one who felt this way about vitamin C. I tried to hide my feelings; I always had OJ for breakfast, just to feel "normal". Then I discovered a group of people who showed me that scurvy was natural and beautiful, that a full set of teeth and unblemished gums was just an impossible ideal set by the Hollywood elite. These people accepted me for who I am. They support me and my decision to starve my body of nutrients in any way I see fit. I won't say it hasn't been a long hard road, but whenever I backslide and have lemon with my tea, pro_scurvy has always forgiven me and comforted me with the knowledge that tomorrow is another day. All I have to do is forgive myself and vow to be strong in the face of ascorbic acid.

quizzicalsphinx, here, having fun at the expense of all them pro_ana weirdoes
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