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lorriejharris from a post here about Customers.. some things never change

Most of you know I work in a Customer Service Call Center. Customer Service Call Centers aren’t new but have, in fact, been around for millions of years. Recently, archeologists made a find in a cave in western Illinois that they believe to have been a prehistoric Customer Service/Tech Support Center. After translating the cave drawings, the archeologists discovered what a typical call was like for the Prehistoric Customer Service Rep…

Tech Support

This fire-help. Me Groog.

Me Lorto. Help. Fire not work.

You have flint and stone?


You hit them together?


What happen?

Fire not work.

(sigh) Make spark?

No spark, no fire, me confused. Fire work yesterday.

*sigh* You change rock?

I change nothing.

You sure?

Me make one change. Stone hot so me soak in stream so stone not burn Lorto hand. Small change, shouldn't keep Lorto from make fire.

(Grabs club and goes to Lorto's cave) *WHAM*WHAM*WHAM*
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