stir of bones (stir_of_bones) wrote in metaquotes,
stir of bones

balloons with beautiful women

From a comment by rimrunner on this post at customers_suck:

Several years ago I was at a strip club in Seattle with some friends, when the Seafair Clowns came in.

Read that again. No, you didn't read it wrong.

The only sight more disturbing than a clown getting a lap dance is a clown getting a lap dance from two dancers at once. Afterward the dancers were all walking around with obscene balloon animals the clowns had made for them. That was a little odd, too.

I pretty much stopped going to strip clubs after that, because I don't think I'll ever see anything that could top it. If I could, I don't think I WANT to see it.

 And you know they all arrived in the same car...
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