Singe Addams (singeaddams) wrote in metaquotes,
Singe Addams

sharpest_rose was condescended to and ignored by a doctor today. You'd THINK he would be concerned over the coughing up blood thing but he wasn't and Mary has this to say...

(Cut for language hard enough to knock a buzzard off a shitwagon.)

Dear Doctor:

I hope you get framed for a horrible crime and go to jail and get raped in the ass by a dude named Tiny who always carries a rag doll and is bald. I hope the resultant tears to your anal area become infected and that the medical staff and the prison offer no treatment. I hope the infection gets worse and then you die and go to hell and that you're put in the special 'fucking fuckers who are fucking idiotic fuckstick fuckwad office-supply-catalogue fetishistic fucktackular fuckrag eyesocket-fucking fuckhead fuckers' division where you once again meet up with your true love Tiny, only down there in hell the rag doll is alive and always watching in case you try to escape.

No love whatsoever, ever
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