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"If You're Not Celibate By Now, You Will Be On Thursday"

Posted with permission from spunkylilsprite's journal. Homegirl's taking a Human Sexuality class, and on Thursday, the class will be seeing pictures of sexually transmitted diseased genitalia, which sparked this beautiful gem:

I think after hearing the little bit we heard today and seeing the pictures on thursday...I may rule out sex as an option all together. Asexuality isn't frowned upon right? If it is then suck it. I'm starting a revolution. I'm going to get started on making a flag. And our anthem will be the "Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Housten, because learning to love yourself is the greatest love all...and the safest way to not have greenish yellow mucus oozing from your nether regions.

And at the end of the post:

p.s. Still doing the revolution. Plans have not been averted.
p.p.s Check back on the revolution in a day or two. Plans may be averted. (Sometimes I cant help myself)
p.p.p.s I totally just typed p.p. and didnt giggle. Totally did that time though.
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