Polyester Bride (meredith_mae) wrote in metaquotes,
Polyester Bride

From a personal journal, discussing the Peace Corps.

parallaxgl50: "Each day that passes, I care less and less about making a difference, and more and more about just being awesome."

Adiitional quote I just remembered, discussing Howard Dean's quote about minorities:

deathninja42: Nah, what I think it all boils down to is the hotel that he was speaking at just happened to have a large minority staff. He noticed, liked the people and were giving them a shout out. You just don't know, do you? Since the person getting offended wasn't there, doesn't know the full situation and wasn't inside Howard Dean's head, he/she shouldn't be getting offended.

parallaxgl50: What if they were in his head though....like VOLDEMORT! That's it. I've mixed Howard Dean with Harry Potter. My life is now ... AWESOME.
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