Riona (rionaleonhart) wrote in metaquotes,

From thorne_scratch:

[setting: a gift shop. Our protagonist moves idly from various pieces of merchandise.]

Cashier: Have you considered buying a watercolor placard? They have cheerful sayings.

[reads] "A kind word is better than a big pie." [gesticulating wildly] Untrue! A most damnable lie!

Cashier: But the irises are so pretty!

Guard: If you're not going to buy anything--

Thorne: A pie! A big pie! ...unless it wasn't a good pie. I suppose a big, unappetizing pie might be overshadowed by a very kind word. It would have to be a very kind word and a very bad pie. But they should have said that. Perhaps it would not fit on the placard.

Guard: Ma'am, please leave the giftshop.

[puts on bowler hat] Very well, my shadow shall never darken this establishment again. Good day to you. [exeunt]

The whole post has a conversation on how various countries would play Charades, so you really can't afford to miss it.
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