Frito (frito_kal) wrote in metaquotes,

The people on the subway go round and round...

From a locked post (with permission.) by indiana_j

Why I need a squirt gun on the metro:

* No, bad Mr. I Haven't Taken a Bath in Three Years and Will Press Close To Your Hip! *squirtsquirt!*

* Bad Ms. I Feel Your Pain But Don't Fix Your Breasts Two Inches From My Face! *squirtsquirt!*

* BAD Mrs. I'm Going To Let My Child Scream and Poop On You For the Entire Ride *squirtsquirtSQUIRT!*

* Bad Mr. I'll Glare At You Because You're Reading Harry Potter and It is OF THE DEVIL! *squirtsquirtholywatersquirt!*

* Bad Mr. I Love My Music and EVERYONE Will Get To Hear It, Love It, FEEEEL IT! *squirtsquirt!*

* No, that's a Bad Ms. Look At Mah Bootie, Mah Breasts, LOOK DAMN YOU, LOOK! *squirtsquirtDUMP!*

* Bad, bad Mr. Want To Get Into Car NowNowNowNowNowNowNowNowNowNOW!! Get back on your medication! *squirtsquirt!*
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