Amanda Sharpe (amandathegreat) wrote in metaquotes,
Amanda Sharpe

madboymanic, on the rape of childhood memories:

Next thing we'll see is Smurfs X-TREEM. Where smurfland is a giant fucking spacestation and Gargamel will be the leader of an alien armada bent on taking over the earth, with nothing in his way besides The S-team. Papa smurf; master planner and leader of the S-team. Handy smurf; the brains of the S-team, he designs the incredible equipment used on the teams dangerous and exiting missions. Wild smurf; Raised in the jungles of the amazon, his agility is unmatched and he answers to NO ONE. Dreamy smurf; master of psychic combat and astral projection. Smurfette; She has super-hearing.
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