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monkeythis brings up a good observation about those internet dating sites:

Hotmail has ads for the website "True", a dating site - "Is something missing from your love life?" One such ad has a couple in a field, with their arms around eachother... and the guy grabbing her jean-short-clad ass.

My favorite part is the little disclaimer, though:
We screen for felons and married people.
Very nice of them, sure. But what do they do with them? Kick them off, or plaster their profile with a big banner that says FELON!! OR ADULTERESS! ? Do the felons get their own dating website? Looking for you life-term partner? We'll help you find them at BeMyCellMate.com! Or maybe "BehindHerBack.com - Your wife will never know."
Better keep those felons and married people away from us NORMAL folk. Corrupters!
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