Every parent's worst nightmare (toodorkyforyou) wrote in metaquotes,
Every parent's worst nightmare

collard rants about things that irk him.

And bringing up the fact that you own or maintain (or whatever you like to think you are doing to it) an internet blog, does not impress me; it actually makes me want to beat you to death with the nearest chair, and then dance several strange tribal dances around your coffin as they lower it into the grave, which not only causes your mother to burst into tears, but also causes your grandmother to have a spontaneous heart attack and then collapse into said grave. Sweet.

The entire entry is gold, read it!

P.S.- Regarding my icon, I didn't make it, but the person who did's name is at the very end, what a way to credit, and I have yet to read it. So steal away if you want!
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