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jerry_reigns had to write poetry for a escond semster class:

Assignment: Write a Valentine's Day poem.

"To A Mule, From Joseph Stalin."

Oh, Mule, I want you in bed.
Though you are sterile, and I am dead.
I love your pointy ears, and fluffy hair.
Come to my palace in Russia, I want you there.

I met you in a petting zoo while in Moscow.
I needed to speak to you, but oh God how?
For I've been dead for such a long time.
I can't take it, Mule, you need to be mine.

I swear to you, Mule, I couldn't love you more.
If you pretend to be Russia, I'll be your dictator.
Mule, if you choose me we can make fission.
Of course...just as long as you don't mind Communism.
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