Rubberband Ball (genepool23) wrote in metaquotes,
Rubberband Ball

Important Announcement

From tikimama: (with permission)

Cease and Desist

First it was underground. Then it was aboveground. It was mildly funny. Then it passed into the parlance of our times. Then it was wildly overused. Now it's become common. It's almost passed into ironic usage.

I think I've given it enough time. I think we can all agree (and if you can't, then too bad) that its time has come, gone and come again and gone again. It's time to stop.

Please consider this your official notice. After today's date, February 16, you will have 30 days to stop. After March 16, 2005, any usage will be considered a punishable offense.

No more bling. I'm serious. It's over. Stop saying it.
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