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*waves* First Timer!

raventsukino had this to say about chain letters:

I'm sure the first one had good intentions behind like those chain letters that say 'Tell at least 3 friends that you love them and only ask in return that they do the same for 3 friends of their own. Okay, that's nice but who thought it was a good idea to add a threat at the end of it?

"Tell 3 friends that you love them or my dead cat Mittens will pop up at the foot of your bed late at night with knife in it's mouth to kill you. Then you shall die a horrible painful kitty death with no friends plus you'll never have an orgasm!"

Now what really gets me is that people actually think "Christ on a cracker with cheese! Not Mittens! I must pass this ridicules and painful sounding curse to 3 of my closest friends to save my own self fish ass!"
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