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Fat kids loooove food. I should know.

fireofsorrow Speaks of random things while being an insomniac watching TV in a protected post.

There's nothing on TV this early in the morning.

I just watched two episodes of Full House. The first episode was Joey opening in Vegas and "reuniting" with his father. The second episode was when DJ stopped eating for three days so she could look good in a bathing suit.

Earlier, I was contemplating starving myself.

But then I realized that fat kids love food, and while I hate myself, I don't hate myself that much.


We'll see how I feel in a few days.

What the piss is this woman talking about...Oh. Nick News. I need to change the channel. I forgot I was watching Nickelodeon.

When did Gwen Stefani go solo? And when is she going to stop sounding like a fucking 6-year-old?

The music's making me hump the floor, anyway.

This shit is making me remember why I don't watch MTV anymore. I caught parts of Headbanger's Ball on MTV2 at Heather's a week or so ago.


I'd shag the hell out of that slut.

Okay. I have an hour and 23 minutes to go before I can safely go to sleep.

The 'net is dead. And I hate...can anyone get those weird things for their cell phone? I think I need Sir Mix-a-Lot on my phone.

I think Sir Mix-a-Lot may be THE cure for insomnia.
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