the creature from the blog lagoon (ishyface) wrote in metaquotes,
the creature from the blog lagoon

From a post over in carolinemoments:

For Valentine's day, my dad got me a book called "The most Evil Women in History." (Yeah, some girls get candy, flowers, jewelry, I get a book about Lizzie Borden...go figure.) Here is a Caroline moment from Elena Ceaucescu (I probably spelled that wrong), wife of the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu. Not really the type of couple you'd like to have over for tea. Starving the people while they lived in the lap of luxury from all the peasants' hard work, secretly executing political opponents and all of that...
So the communist government has been overthrown, and the Ceaucescus have just been found guilty of a bazillion counts of murder, extortion, fraud, etc. They are escorted to the back of the courthouse where there is a line-up of a dozen soldiers with guns.
Elena: "They're not going to shoot us, are they Nicolae?"
(I imagine Nicolae going, "No, no, dear. They're giving us a 21-gun salute!")
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