Lawrence Chu (loopychew) wrote in metaquotes,
Lawrence Chu

bigbigtruck reveals her Valentine's Day modus operandi (is amalgam).

Unfortunately, Brett is not psychic like he should be, and as such has not picked up on my mental signals in which I asked for a sparkly diamond. For the transgression of not reading my mind and following my every whim, I will sentence him to the silent treatment, breaking only to shoot out pointed sarcastic remarks alluding to other supposed transgressions. At some point, I will warp a question of my choosing into an inference that I am fat.
At this point, I will verbally manipulate him, claiming that if he really loves me, he will treat me to a very expensive dinner at Fonda San Miguel.

When the waiter asks for my order, I will sob and shout, "IF YOU HAVE TO ASK WHAT I WANT, I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU!"

--Those of you who've never read EK's blarg are in for a treat.
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