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windbringer1 was fighting with her brain over doing work this afternoon...

PUG: ::drinks milk::
PUG'S BRAIN: Milk is a colloid substance!
PUG: O_o Er...yes. Too many science classes.....
PB: You can make glue out of it! Or paint! Also, the human head weighs eight punds.
PUG: Where is this going?
PB: Too bad it's not orange juice. You could make napalm and blow up the school! Then you wouldn't have to go to work! You hate work today. It smells like dead fish.
PUG: No more Fight Club for *you*.
PB: Stupid milk. Stupid work. We should go home and play SoulCaliber.
PUG: No go. Must study.
PB: Don' wanna!
PUG: Here, have a cookie with our non-napalmy milk.
PUG: You *are* five today, aren't you.
PB: Yes! Let's sing songs!
PUG: I beg you to desist....
PB: ~"The sun is a mass of incandescent gas it'sagiantnuclearfurnace.."~
PUG: *Anything but that*.
PB: ~"Come see foreign nations with a grudge, *clapclap*, down by the east riverside..."~
PUG: No. Can you not be quiet?
PB: Booooored.
PUG: Just go to sleep.
PB: ....
PUG: Thank god.
PB: ...... ~"Byyyyyyyyy MEN-nen"~
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