(greatness or madness!) (silent_sybil) wrote in metaquotes,
(greatness or madness!)

For my fellow singles

From tytaniaherself, a sentiment well expressed:

My holidays are not everyone else's holidays. There is no Valentine's Day in the world I inhabit. There is Dies Irae, the day of wrath every February 14th. At this point, a relationship is immaterial. Dies Irae is deeply ingrained into my psyche. Even chocolates injected with mood-altering drugs have no effect on my joyous misery. Don't even try to coo in my general direction. Wrath and coo don't mix. Even if they did, wrath is catching. Just wait a few more years and I'll have enough converts that Hallmark will start making us cards and little stuffed angry animals with little broken hearts.

I found the whole post uplifting.
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