Kassandra Fireborn (fireborn) wrote in metaquotes,
Kassandra Fireborn

So pghkitten is back in school and taking a lot of classes involving analysis:

pghkitten: "Ah, I see what's happening here! She was engaging in subversive discourse and inverting gender roles by taking on the persona of a man in order to reflect her conquering of a male-dominated profession!"

Yes, or maybe--just maybe--she wrote love poems to women because she was attracted to women.

fireborn: People in fandom do the same thing with slash. They babble on and on and on about how it's all subversive and an inverting of gender roles and all that jazz, and more than half the fans are standing around going, "Uhh... yeah. Right. That. Should we tell them we just find it hot?"

pghkitten: I know that the subtle defeat of the patriarchal fascist regime by an environmentally-minded ethnic minority is what I think about whenever I read about Legolas getting it on with Aragorn.
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