Tikvah (not to be confused w/the fabulous "Tikva") (tikvah) wrote in metaquotes,
Tikvah (not to be confused w/the fabulous "Tikva")

pieces of g-a-y

I posted a metaquote yesterday that I found funny and poignant. In the numerous comments to the original quote, there was a link to a rather amusing post in another journal with a comment containing this bit of wit:

Are we talking, like CD warning stickers here?


Or like those roasted nuts packages: "This product may contain up to 0.1% pieces of gay. If you are allergic to gay, you may not be able to use this product."

[Edit: Some of the comments to this metaquote border on metaquoteable. That's never happened to me before - such a fun string of comments to a post I've made, anywhere, even if it is just a metaquote - and it's very cool. And flattering. So thanks.]
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