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camwyn goes shopping at the Mall of Manhattan:

Last night I found out that one of the kiosks had apparently only been there for the Hogswatch season, because it had finally been replaced. The new kiosk sold martial-arts movies. Mostly old stuff, like Gordon Liu movies and Shaw Brothers stuff, but as I circled around it I found that they got a bit closer to the present day. I got myself some cash (the movies were 1 for $20, two for $30, three for $40) and came back.

The woman who had told me about the price smiled at me and asked me if I had ever seen any Jet Li movies.

Those of you who have seen Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure may now insert the look and the smile Beethoven gave the guy at the music store when the music store guy asked if Beethoven were a musician.

I start tapping the various movies in front of me as I spot them. "Own that, own that, rented that, own that, rented that one-"


For the record, the Jet Li movies that I was pointing out were:

"Own that"- Fong Sai-Yuk I and II, Once Upon a Time in China, Once Upon A Time in China and America, Fist of Legend, New Legend of Shaolin, The Master, Swordsman II. Also My Father Is A Hero and Dr. Wai and the Scripture with No Words, but she didn't have them for sale. Several of the movies in this category got shipped to Iraq last year 'cos I didn't like 'em as much as I thought once I'd bought 'em and a soldier over there was asking for martial arts flicks for his unit.
"Rented that"- Hitman, High Risk, Bodyguard from Beijing, The Tai-Chi Master.

The vast majority of my movies involve Chinese guys kicking each other in the head.

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