Tikvah (not to be confused w/the fabulous "Tikva") (tikvah) wrote in metaquotes,
Tikvah (not to be confused w/the fabulous "Tikva")

Remember The. Best. Rag. Rant. Ever? She's back...

Yes, the brilliant, infamous, and twisted naamah_darling has posted another essay worth a sporfle or two or ten. The entire essay is here, and is worth a read, though not at your desk at work. It is definitely not work-safe. Even the text behind the cut isn't work-safe. And yes, I asked her if I could metaquote her, and she said yes.

"I spent a good part of this morning asleep, dreaming about a tweed-clad Jude Law jerking off into a coffee cup."

"I mean, really, any night I don't dream about dead snakes, tentacles, and needle-toothed deep-sea fish is a huge bonus."

And the teaser that should make you click on the link to the essay, and then pimp it to the universe:

"Being the strange little organ it is, my brain grabbed the reins of that tangent, and went galloping off with it. I fell back asleep, and had a dream. A beautiful, wonderful dream.

I dreamed that there was a drink. It came frozen in little black and silver foil packets, and you mixed it up with some hot water, and drank it. It was swirl-colored, like twist ice cream, and it tasted a lot like dark chocolate, a little like chai, and a little like crème de menthe (this is a dream). Floating in it were pink marshmallow letters that spelled out the name of the product: G-A-Y.

And when you drank it, you became gay for a few hours.

In my dream, at first everyone was hesitant to try it, but it slowly caught on. Not as a sexual thing, but as a social leavener. It became trendy. Guys would go out drinking, have a cup or two, and be gay for a few hours so they could enjoy pursuits their straight-and-manliness would not normally permit them. Or they'd drink it before shopping with their girlfriends. Girls would drink it and go girl-watching with their menfolk, or they'd get together for a big hen party and bring out the thermos of Gay and forget about their man troubles.

It was wonderful."

Yes, it was wonderful. And so was her post. I'll link to it again.

Good night, all, and have delightfully gay dreams!
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