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Survival of the fittest?

So my friend bonesbaby33 writes in a friends-locked post about a Laser Tag competition between two groups at her school: the MSC kids (Math Science Computers... the smart ones), and Humanities:

MSC-Humanities Laser Tag...I'm sorry Humanities kids, but MSC will dominate. By a lot. That's just the way it is when you have guys who play Halo more than they do homework or look at artwork. Our team members should have names like The Integrator, The Differentiator, St. D., The Extended Leave of Absence, and The Cusp. Humanities members will have names like I Love Art, Mozzart, Bach, and I Love History. ;)

One of the comment threads:

selbian: we already know msc would win because of your halo members.
:P which is quite unfair. but we're gracious enough to accept anyway.
and then we may challenge you to a scavenger hunt at the DIA.
see who'll win then.

bonesbaby33: We're the ones who accepted. As far as I know, it was Humanities kids' idea.

jonnyc2005: i like the scavenger hunt idea. but, i don't know enough art. maybe we could just do like a survival thing in detroit. i might make it at that.

selbian: well, the combined knowledge of everyone in humanities will be enough for art.
haha. survival. you make it sound as if we have a chance of living.

(and yes, of course I have permission)
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