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kadrin and draegonhawke have a rather fantastic discussion here...

Patrick: Did you ever read that Daily Victim piece in which the guy mentions that everything he knew about global history, he learnt from Civilisation II? It was wonderful. It featured Gandhi's nuclear arsenal.
magistrate: No, I didn't.
Patrick: ...I think I've basically explained it in as much depth as I can. So, er, yeah. Wonderful, nuclear Gandhi.
magistrate: Man. Nuclear Gandhi. ...that makes me think of a Gandhi who is in fact nuclear, not one with nuclear arsenals.
Patrick: I'd want him to be five hundred feet tall.
magistrate: And shoot nuclear energy beans from his eyes?
Patrick: Yes! His sonic scream would topple tall buildings, as well.
magistrate: And also the Taj Mahal.
Patrick: Would Nuclear Gandhi fly?
magistrate: He wouldn't need to. He could teleport. Matter to energy conversion, and all.
Patrick: Oh, point. Would it be at least a totally sparkly teleport?
magistrate: Totally. You can't have nuclear Gandhi without sparkies. They would be sparklies of love and acceptance and peace and also horrible nuclear radiation.
Patrick: "An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind... but NUCLEAR GANDHI can do the same thing in half the time!" And then the Nuclear Gandhi theme song would start playing.
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