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Two for the price of one

The hysterical and sarcastic isilrandir whinges about bad music and bad days.

In this post---

So since today was asstastic, I've been feeling very... emo. You know. My life sucks! I'm gonna go sit in the corner and cry and listen to The Smiths! Nobody understands me! My girlfriend is going to realize that I'm not good enough for her! Waaaaah! Where's my tight pants and white belt? I gotta go get swallows and stars tattooed on my arms...

And in this post...

I also got the Ramones tribute, which seems pretty lame, I know, but it's not a bad CD. Well, except for one song. I was driving along and I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend came on, except it was all wussy and sucky and my PeteYorndar went off. What is WITH that guy? Who keeps letting him in the studio?? All he does is cover songs! And make them suck! I swear, he's on every damn tribute CD in the store. If there was a tribute CD for a death metal band called Anal Grease For Goats, Pete Yorn would be on there singing Cut A Hole In My Head (And Fuck My Brains Out) and making it sound WUSSY!! I HATE YOU, PETE YOOOOOORN!!!!!!

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