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why RPing is evil...

Many quotes, but all on the same subject, so eh...

kitanotjames: Dude, am I talking to myself now??
notkitanotjames: Don't look at me. I'm just as confused as you are.
kita0610: Actually, you're EXACTLY as confused as I am, because...you're uhm..me?
theantikita: Huh. Funny that. I guess I am you.

*ponders for a moment*

Did you... I... we...


Was this going somewhere?
kita0610: Yea. In a handbasket, even.

"That noise you hear? Is fandom disappearing up it's own ass." ~ kita0610

"Theirloveissonolongervisuallymanipulatedwithphotoshop!" ~ kita0610
"Theirloveisfilledwithhotvampiresexuntilspikerunsoffwithconnor" ~ vylit

"I just accused myself of plagiarizing from myself and threatened to sue myself while plagiarizing myself in the process." ~ anniesj

"I am still here. I still exist. Or do I? Am I actually mr_prezimident now? Or have I transformed into lessthanjoss? Who am I? Is this actually sonotanniesj posting? Is sonotanniesj turning into me? Have I turned into sonotanniesj? Are we the same person now?" ~ anniesj
"Hey, you exist in multiple dimensions. I don't think I even exist anymore at all. I've given away little pieces of my personality and now there's nothing left of me but uncirce_tigana. I'm looking up pictures of Depp. I'm researching the movies he's been in. I don't do that!" ~ swmbo as uncirce_tigana
"Darn it all to heck and back! And I meant to post that as the real me.

So that's just proof, UnCirce probably really exists and I'm just the figment." ~ swmbo
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