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About Draco Malfoy and the Potter-books: "And she read them all again, and found her love waxed exceeding fervent, for Draco Malfoy was Clearly Misunderstood, as well as being a Bona Fide Little Bastard, and also lame in a way that made Maya want to pet him. And quoth Maya to all her friends, I Love Him, and quoth Maya's friends to Maya, You Child-Molesting Pervert. And Maya sighed, for they did not comprehend."

sarahtales (this entire entry is brilliant in the way only Maya can do it)

Additionally, the name "adventure pants" leads me to expect far more than a pair of drawstring cargos. A vibrating buttplug in the back seams, perhaps, or a hidden pocket for handcuffs and a riding crop. "Adventure pants" means excitement! Danger! Sexxx! It doesn't mean "drawstring cargos".

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