Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote in metaquotes,
Cleolinda Jones

edda has a lingering obsession with the Fantanas:
Kiki is their leader, and don't ever fuck with a woman who can scrape her hair into a ponytail that tight and keep it that way 24/7, because she's already used to pain. Capri (lipgloss addict) and Lola (slut) are kind of emptyheaded and probably do whatever she tells them to, and Sophia is the T-Rex with the glittery Borderline Personality Disorder smile they unleash on their enemies after some glamorous, girlified, light melee. She just comes stomping across the room/beach/deathtrap wreckage with the light from her teeth blinding you, asking in a brittle, sunny voice that brooks no debate, "DON'T YOU WANNA FANTA? I SURE DO!!" and then proceeds to tear open your jugular with slightly less finesse than a mako in a feeding frenzy.

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