Allison Lonsdale (caprine) wrote in metaquotes,
Allison Lonsdale

Super Mega NRE With Extra Crack!

tshuma asked permission to metaquote this, which I gave, but then she didn't get around to it, so I am metaquoting myself. Even though I hear that makes hair grow on your user account.

From a friendslocked entry about the new boyfriend:

I am also, of course, high on New Relationship Energy, and therefore my judgment is as dubious as the day is long. Though, to my immense gratitude, I seem to have finally outgrown the Super Mega NRE With Extra Crack that my neurochemistry used to do; it was a fantastic high, and produced some fine poetry, but days on end without food or sleep is not good for anybody, and I would eventually come down from the extended high and go, "I married what?" That stuff made me wonder if somewhere in my stolid German/Austrian/Scandinavian burgher ancestry was a Courtly Love poet from the Languedoc--a genetic susceptibility to Super Mega NRE With Extra Crack is my personal explanation for the entire Courtly Love movement.
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