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from captain_slinky via erinjanelle

Why is it "Diff'rent Strokes" instead of "Different Strokes"? Would the "e" on the keyboard have been that much more difficult to hit than the "'" key? Or is it there to remind us that the children grew up in a financially destitute neighborhood that could not afford proper education? Or is it a racist jab at the inner city African-American youths who are "just too dumb and lazy" to spell it out correctly? And why were the kids from such a poor family? It was well established that Arnold and Willis were the children of Mr. Drummond's first housekeeper (before Mrs. Garrett) who had died. He can't pay his housekeeper enough money to stay out of "The Ghetto"? He keeps on saying that he loved their mother very, very much, yet he let her die penniless in the Ghetto. It just doesn't add up! White guilt? And don't even get me STARTED on the "Loved her very, very much" thing and how that insinuates Mr. Drummond as possibly being the REAL father of Arnold and Willis. And supposedly this guy is a gazzilionaire who can afford Mr. T as a bodyguard for Arnold, yet all he can afford is a 4-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms? He's hoarding that money somewhere, I know it. Maybe it all goes to child support and payoff money for all the OTHER housekeepers that he loved very, very much. Really, Mr. Drummond.. what *you* talkin' 'bout?

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