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Anne-Julie - dreaming
tundraeternal wrote in metaquotes

Posted by dymphna_gold in remusxsirius

It’s like when I used to work in a bookstore, and customers would come in and say: “I’m looking for a book? Don’t remember what it’s called or who wrote it, but there are two main characters and at first they don’t like each other but then they do and they get together? And I think it’s set in the Southwest somewhere. Or maybe China. Do you know that book?”

Yeah. Like that.

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Yup...I remember that...vividly.

Usually it also involved..."It's blue...I think it was on Oprah, I saw it at your store in someothergodforsakenstate..."


My all time favorite...

"Do you have Large-Print books on tape?"

Me: *blinkblink* Yeah we do...they just TALK REALLY LOUD!!!!

oh god...the stories...

Librarians get that all the time. Sometimes the patron remembers the cover color too, as if that's going to actually help. Sigh.

I get stuff like that whenever I volunteer at the library. I want to make a button that says "I don't know what it's called, where to find it or where it goes." With possibly, in small print, "That's why there are computers next to you."
This family came up to me one time, with "We're looking for a book about sharks. It's in the children's area, and it has a blue cover." Gee, could you vague that up a little?

I practically lived in my (small) home town's library as a child/teenager. I could often hear a description like "I'm looking for a book. It was blue. About this big. Had robots in it." and know exactly which book they meant.

Never again shall I inspire the same awe and fear as I did back then. Sigh.

When I worked at my college library, I got this from a fellow student:

"I need this book for my sociology class. It's this big (gestures) and red. Do you have it?"

I didn't even know where to begin. I think I just sputtered.

I got this today. No kidding.

"It's this book by this guy and he cooks all this really weird food."


Yeah, I get ones like that. Most often I get "You had the book in your window a few weeks/months/last year..."

Ya know, one of these days Google will swallow Amazon, turn itself inside out via its own large intestine, and index every book ever written by these exact criteria.

"It was blue."
23,984,312 titles

"With, uh, there was a guy in it? And this girl with a little sister? Or maybe a cousin or something."
2,669,920 titles

"I think I saw a copy of it in Dallas last year. Or maybe it was Houston."
2,176,113 titles

"Shauna said her cousin maybe had a copy of it when she was five. Or something like it. Or by the same author."
17,281 titles

"Oh! There was a scene at the beach!"
5,002 titles

"One of the characters was Rosemary, or Rose or something. Violet, maybe?"
266 titles

"There's a bit where they're driving around, and he says something, uh, I can't remember, and then she's all like 'Pssh, yeah right!'"
37 titles

Oh! The author was Margaret someone!
8 titles. Would you like to
[see the covers]
[get a quick summary of each book]
[see the character lists]
[read an extract of the beach scene]
[read an extract of the driving/'Pssh, yeah right!' scene]
[I'm feeling lucky]

*falls over laughing*

When I worked for Borders, that's exactly the process I'd use to figure out a book. (I worked for the company over seven years - if I couldn't find it, no one could.)

I wouldn't put it past them.

There's a scene in I Feel Sick like that:

Customer: Excuse me.
Devi: Yes? May I help you.
Customer: I'm looking for a Book.
Devi: Okayyy...
Customer: I think it was blue.

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