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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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They're not really that Street (thankfully), and we all know it.
KOFU Glace
without_me wrote in metaquotes
lucylooo, on a rather disturbing choice of words in an article discussing Backstreet's return:

Howie calling the Boys' new album 'us meets R. Kelly' made me _weep_.*

Okay, and I also might have said "AJ, don't pee on the fifteen-year-old girl" out loud as well. C'mon, who else is going to do it, Brian? He's too busy doing lines of coke on the porn star's ass.

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See, I turned 16 and, quite recently, 17 during their hiatus... but when I was 15, I TOTALLY would have let AJ pee on me. No comment on current feelings.

[laughs] Oh yeah, that's Brian for you.

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