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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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mountain_hiker wrote in metaquotes
scarybaldguy, here, on Focus on the Family (you may have seen them in the news recently in regards to that Spongebob debacle) and an upcoming concert:
The Village People are playing at the World Arena next Wednesday. $10 says
Dobson takes the opportunity to tragically (and publicly) wring his hands and decry Those Damned Homosexuals.

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I love that "Those Damned Homosexuals" is capitalized. It could be its own band name.

I was thinking it sounded like a movie title, myself. Like That Darned Cat.

I want to shoot him. In the head. A lot.

And then put a note in his pocket telling my mother that she shouldn't have listened to anything he said.

And then sign the note "God."

So, SO tempted to meta-meta quote!

Whee! I've never been metaquoted before! Do it!


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