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Studies show it tastes sweeter
bearblue wrote in metaquotes
mamajoan Rants on email-Spam advertising methods "Studies show it tastes sweeter."

Let's take another look at that. Studies show. STUDIES show. STUDIES SHOW it tastes sweeter. I'm sorry, do I seem a bit fixated on the "studies" part? Well, can you blame me? Seriously, folks, do we really believe that there were scientifically conducted studies, performed in laboratories under controlled conditions, which determined conclusively that semen produced by men using this drug tastes sweeter? Are you getting the mental picture that I'm getting? A mental picture of a long white table, behind which sits a row of women (okay, and gay men) in white lab coats, wearing hairnets and rubber gloves. In front of each of them is a series of little plastic tasting cups, and a piece of paper and a pencil. Okay, and a clipboard, just to make it REALLY scientific. ;) And they're sipping ... swirling ... tasting ... swallowing ... taking notes. Maybe a little seltzer water in between samples, to clear the palate? "Hmm, this one is definitely somewhat sweet, but with a bitter aftertaste and sticky mouthfeel. I give it a six out of ten." "Oh, this one is nice. Someone's been taking his vitamins! Smooth and silky on the tongue. Tastes really good. Nine out of ten. I would have this one with every meal."

I mean, seriously, folks. STUDIES SHOW IT TASTES SWEETER. Are you with me on the absurdity factor here, or what?

Man, that is some messed-up shit. But funny. Definitely funny. You gotta love spam, always good for a laugh.

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is anyone else really excited that they weren't part of the study?

*raises hand* thank god!!! (though i'm sure there are people who *would* wanna be a part of it...

You'd be surprised what human beings have to taste for a living. It could happen.

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