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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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thornsilver wrote in metaquotes
I wonder if people who flip out every time their oh so delicate sensibilities are offended on a livejournal community also scream "LJ-CUT!!! LJ-CUT!!! I don't want to see that!" when people in an offline setting do or say something of which they don't approve?


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Your icon scares me. . . . and makes me giggle.

Dude, weren't you asked to quit using that icon ten times* already? It's annoying. (Yes, yes, the irony, etc. I don't ask people to lj-cut their ninja porn IRL when I see it in the street. :D)

* my statistics are pastede on yay

um i was asked once to not post it on the main page when i metaquote someone. this is the comment section and technically behind a cut. and please dont just single out my icon. good grief its harmless and tame.

What offline setting?!?!? There is an offline setting?!?!?!!? I am not familiar with this offline that you speak of.

(Deleted comment)
See now that program will never fly, who wants deal with all of that, it is better here.

1) Like your icon.

2) I know, offline, *tch* It's just a rumor, like, you know, "going outside" and "getting fresh air" and stuff.

1) Thanks
2) Oh good, these nasty rumors get me all upset

because closing your eyes or not reading it is clearly not an option. Besides, you're ONLINE. People are dirty here! ;)

Eh. People are dirty offline, too. People just need to learn to deal in general.

I don't care whether or not I see "sensitive" content, generally, but it would be nice if, in real life, like in livejournal, there were a way to skim over details and return to them later...

"Hi, how was your day?"
"Good... ( First I went to the bank... ) ( Later I ran into a friend from college... ) ( Then there was a traffic jam... ) ( And I got my photos developed, want to see? ) How was your day?"

My only thing with sensitive content is that it'd be nice to get a warning that something that I might not want to be reading on my lunch break lurks. I don't really care about text so much as pictures.

Oh, and the endless picture-quizzes...

If anyone comes up with a beta version, I have a mother to test it on.

If it can shorten her sea-of-consiousness ramblings, I will pay a million dollars to the creator. And let my answering machine record more than 45 seconds. And get less headaches.

So incredibly seconding that.

My mom says things like (to a waiter) "and I made it in a crock-pot!"
Mom, I love you and I know you are incredibly proud of the ability to cook while not watching the pan, but jeezusgod, the guy at Red Robin doesn't need to know that right now. Now drink your Freckled Lemonade.

mmmmmm....freckled lemonade. :)

My friend's mom does the same. We took her out for dinner the other day and she talked to the waitress for a long time about how certain food gets her 'clogged' and how cranberry juice helps. I was considering doing her in at the table, but since we hadn't recieved our entree's yet...all I had was a spoon.

Oh, I get the msaages that could easily be, "I'm at work, call my cell, I need to talk to you about this weekend."

Instead I get her agenda for the day, her plans in between now and the weekend in question, whatever she's had for lunch and how it's making her feel, why I don't grow my hair out, how her hair is misbehaving....

There was probably more, but I tune it out. And this is on an answering machine, mind you, not during a conversation with a real person.

Messages, rather. It's hard typing with the baby on my lap. He keeps trying to eat the keyboard.

OMG I would so pay money for that feature.

Nah, instead they just try to ban it.

My friends and I totally do.

We like to think we are joking :D

In real life, you can turn away. I have also been known to rebuke others for unwontedly bad language from time to time (since you can always avert your eyes, but averting your ears is a nice trick if you can do it).

People do it all the time. Selective hearing is amazing.

No, silly.

We scream "RL-CUT! RL-CUT!"

Especially when somebody's bad parking job makes us sidescroll.

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