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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Superhero politics
dorothy1901 wrote in metaquotes
From wankprophet, on whether Batman is a Republican or Democrat:

Batman is clearly a syndical anarchist. As a vigilante who believes the system has failed, he couldn't be anything else (the AU future of "Dark Knight Returns" highlights this quite clearly.)

Philosophically, he's a proto-existentialist with shades of Nietzsche.

And he's a antitransubstantiationalist Episcopalian who has nevertheless always felt a little uncomfortable with the Trinitarian doctrine but thinks the hypostatic union has a certain poetic resonance.

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So too is that icon of yours. Makes me go rrowr every time I see it.

Yay. Rrowring is good. *grin* ;)

You know originally the comic was called Antitransubstantiationalist Episcopalian Man, but ol' Bobby decided that Batman would look better on a T-shirt. Fun fact!

...Am I odd for being able to understand that?


but that's okay.

we're all a little odd.

it's ok - I could understand it from a political perspective, from a religious perspective, and from a "knowing batman's personality" perspective.

so I'm odd too ...

IOW, he's a product of his breeding.

You know, being an Episcopalian.

too many syllables for (almost)1am

An "Anarcho-Syndicalist?"

Delivered in gritty underones to a trembling Mayor of Gotham:

"Listen, pal: strange men sitting behind benches distributing sentences, is no basis for a system of justice!..."

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