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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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(no subject)
marginaliana wrote in metaquotes
nostrapotomus here responding to this very disturbing David Hasselhoff icon:

My god... That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. All tremble and dispair before the power and majesty of The Hoff. MC Escher would have done something like this, had he his own pirated copy of Photoshop: The Perfect Eternal Hasselhoff.

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speaking of icon love! I <3 yours!

*g* Thank you. It's a woodcut done in the 19th century by someone named Eric Gill, and is called The Nuptials of God. And is, naturally, about to be central to my senior thesis, which will be about Jesus, Mary Magdalen, and sex. :D

(Deleted comment)
OMG! That is just strange. It's like that scary hampsterdance page I used to find so amusing... but... scarier. I love the dancing fat kid.

*averts eyes*

my eyes are burning! *puts in eyedrops*

Won't someone think of the children puppies, please?

Then again, they probably can't see anything, but they KNOW.

Considering the position of the one on the Hoff's ... um ... stomach, they don't need to see, they can feel.

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OMG! *shoves her lunch aside*

Well I was hungry but now I am just grossed out!

Hasslehoff is just plain icky to begin with.

Blaspheme ye not against The Hoff!

And it's a good and accurate one. It just could be funnier. ^^

Yeah but that would require thought, which at the moment I do not have.

The full image is on some website somewhere, and my roommate -- who is 27 and probably ought to know better -- has been obsesed with it all week</a>!

Oh, perfect. Now my eyes won't open.

He'a nothing without his robot car! Nothing!


Aargh, my eyes! Sweet merciful Jesus, my poor burned eyes!

*blinks* it's so bad, but you can't help but watch...

Okay, I hate having to ask this, but. Did Escher actually do a painting called "The Perfect Eternal [something]"? Or is it just referencing the Penny Arcade thing, "Perfect Eternal Jackass"? (Because actually that sounded like it was referencing an actual painting, too.)

I can't think of any paintings by him by that title. There's a book about Escher and Bach (and some others, I think_ called "The Eternal Golden Braid," though.

I've read some of that--I thought the title might also be partly a reference to some work of his that everyone but me had heard of. I guess the 'perfect' part doesn't really have any significance.

God, now this is going to bug me forever. >_

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