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Crackalicious Deadpool and Punisher

sages_of_chaos is a crackalicious community that I somehow missed and didn't discover until a couple of weeks ago. The crack there is piping hot; the place is a kind of multi-universe advice column thing chock full of characters from everywhere. Marvel's mouthy Deadpool (Wade Wilson) joins the community yesterday, Frank Castle (the Punisher) tries to flush him out into the open, and Deadpool (wadewilson) snarks back:

Frank. FRANKIE. Francesca. Lookiee what I dun to yaz. The steely-eyed Big Pun is now taunting and baiting the bad guys instead of just gunning 'em down like the surly crusty headcase we knew and loved since 'Nam. Confidence problems?

Punisher (subtle_guns) replies:

Twisted mockery of sentience, that's what you are, DeadFool. What's it like to be inside your brain? I'm betting this nine right here that the dendrites in there look like the M5, overrun with raw sewage and a few jackknifed sixteen wheelers that just shot their loads of dioxin all over the biomass highway....Cosby's too complex for you, WadingPool. Get back in the shallow end with toddlers and Playskool boats, where you can watch Thundercats and form simple sentences while you retrain your synapses on the lattice of LOGIC.

Then Deadpool starts in on Elektra, Sue Storm, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Grey, Domino, and everyone else. My nose hurts because it's dripping Mountain Dew. The entire comment thread is gold.
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